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eXistential AI

eXAI is a neuromorphic AI chip company. We help purpose-driven companies to develop more accurate, precise and responsible products using ethical AI. Our goal is to contribute to more efficient and intelligent products that reduce inequality and benefit all.


We utilize neuromorphic AIoT chips optimised for sensor data to enable companies making it easy to make smart products and benefit from real-time data. We unlock valuable insights from sensor data building infrastructure, advocating transparency and are ahead of EU regulations. Added to this our chips are also faster and ultra efficient when it comes to energy and automation of processes!


meet the team

We are an international bunch and thrive on well-rounded and

complementary skills - from computational neuroscience to ethics, chip development and business.

We are committed to cultivating an impactful community with our stakeholders and

leveraging our raison d’etre: to empower people and advance society using AI infrastructure built on neuro and social science.

extended team, advisors and experts


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