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Looking to innovate in health tech
with advanced diagnostics and monitoring?

We're here to supercharge your innovation journey.

We forge strategic AI partnerships. With an emphasis on extracting insights from real-time sensor data, our BIOT chip, embedded with AI, is meticulously crafted for low energy consumption for on-edge applications. Our embedded AI is transparent, meeting rigorous EU standards of AI for future.

Ultra-Efficient Power Consumption

Neuromorphic chips are renowned for being 1,000-10,000 times more energy-efficient than conventional processors.

Transparent AI, EU compliant

Our unique proposition lies in embedding tailored AI applications directly onto our chip.
We ensure your specific AI needs are met, optimized, and ready for real-time processing. Every AI application we embed is designed to easily be compliant with EU transparency measures.

On-Edge AI Applications

Our chip is perfect for on-edge applications thanks to its low power consumption,  augmenting AIoT devices battery time, and thus unlocking brand new AI applications - also within health monitoring and diagnostics.

Data Empowerment

Technology can be a powerful tool for good, and our mission is to empower people and society through responsible and transparent AI.

Therefore, we seek to implement safe AI solutions where it matters most, including health monitoring and diagnostics.

Expertise in biomarkers

Partner with us and leverage our specialized expertise in biomarkers, such as EEG and HRV.
Our deep understanding of these neural and physiological signals ensures that your devices are not only technologically advanced but also clinically relevant. By integrating our knowledge with your vision, we can co-create solutions that truly resonate with the needs of the health tech industry, driving accuracy and innovation in diagnostics and monitoring.

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