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Sensor data in health

At eXistential AI we believe in the transformative power of insights in ourselves derived from sensor data. We believe in empowering individuals, by giving them the AI insights, that allow for people to gain a better understanding of themselves, as you can read in this story about Emma:

The Two Lives of Emma

Emma used to lead a simple life. Every morning, she'd wake up, have her coffee, and head to work. In the evenings, she'd relax with a book or catch up with friends. But that was before the diagnosis.

Now, Emma leads two lives. There's the Emma who tries to maintain normalcy, and then there's the Emma who's become a full-time patient. This new Emma juggles medications, schedules endless doctor appointments, and tries to remember every little symptom or change to report at each visit.

One day, as she sat in the waiting room, she overheard another patient talking about their handwritten notes - pages and pages of them. It struck her how, in this age of technology, their health relied on fleeting memories and scribbled notes.

She imagined a world where patients like her had a digital assistant, tracking symptoms and medications, ensuring nothing was missed. A world where doctors had all the information they needed at their fingertips, making informed decisions based on comprehensive data rather than brief conversations.

In that moment, Emma realized that while she had two lives, they didn't need to be at odds. With the right tools and support, they could merge into one, making her journey a little less daunting.

AI and Sensor Data in Health is a Part of the Answer

We want to give Emma, other people like Emma, as well as the doctors around her the tools they need. Emma's journey shines a light on the silent struggles many endure daily. In today's healthcare landscape, critical decisions often hinge on handwritten notes and fleeting conversations. These can lead to misdiagnoses or ineffective treatments. Moreover, inherent human biases can disproportionately affect minorities, further exacerbating health disparities.

In eXistential AI we want to empower the individual with AI insights, tapping into the transformative potential of real-time sensor data in health, underpinned by deep tech and neuromorphic chips. With this technology, Emma and countless others can get better access to immediate, accurate health insights, allowing for more informed decisions and better health outcomes. This shift isn't solely about enhancing individual health; it's a move towards a society where data-driven insights empower everyone, ensuring a more equitable and thriving future for all.

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